RainJack is intelligent irrigation controller and monitoring system. RainJack will guarantee the right amount of water at the right time, significant saves of water and electricity resources, eliminates the user actions in case of weather change and simplifies the human interaction with irrigation system.

RainJack is able to control irrigation without any external sensors like rain sensor, moisture soil sensors, rain gauge, thermometer etc. The only requirement is connection to the internet.

RainJack uses a mathematical model to calculate the optimal irrigation, where the input data is the weather forecast for certain location. Weather forecasts and current weather conditions are several times a day downloaded from reputable suppliers and are available for any location on Earth.

RainJack reports the irrigation state and potential infrastructure errors via e-mail. In case of serious problem like water leaks or short circuit detection at valve installation, the system can partially disable the affected functionality.

RainJack supports remote access via internet or local network without needs to install any proprietary application into your computer, smart phone or tablet. The system supports centralized management of more RainJack systems for your gardener.

RainJack - STD

  • 13 standard outputs to connect irrigation valves (24Vac/1A) or relays
  • 3 dry contact inputs
  • Number of outputs extendable by using of local extension module (RainJack - EXT) or by using next RainJack - STD controllers interconnected in the network and configured as Master/Slave. In both cases the total amount of outputs configured into one system is limited to 150. Contact us when larger system is required.
  • 24Vac/20VA power supply input
  • 24Vac/AC power output for extension module
  • Auxiliary interface connector (AUX, RJ45) to connect e.g. thermometers (1Wire), moisture sensors (i2C), etc.
  • Interface (EXT, RJ45) to connect extension module(s)
  • Standard USB (Type C) connector to connect WiFi or 3G/4G modem
  • Standard Ethernet interface (LAN)
  • DIN rail mounting type

RainJack - MINI

  • Smaller version of RainJack hardware
  • 5 standard outputs to connect irrigation valves (24Vac/1A) or relays
  • 2 dry contact inputs
  • Number of outputs/inputs is not possible to extend
  • Set of features is identical to the standard version of RainJack
  • DIN rail mounting type

RainJack - EXT

  • Extension module with 13 outputs (24Vac/1A)
  • Daisy-chain connection principle
  • Max 3 extension modules can be connected to one standard RainJack controller
  • DIN rail mounting type

Standard Irrigation Controller Features

  • Configurable number of areas (up to 150) and scenarios (up to 15)
  • Scaling (%)
  • Rain sensor
  • Up to 12 scenario start times per day
  • Definition of irrigation days – daily/odd/even/week days/every x-day

Advanced Features

  • Irrigation scheduling corrections based on weather forecasts and real weather data gathered from local weather stations
  • Individual adjustment of soil parameters for each irrigation area (valve)
  • Unique mathematical model of water evaporation from the soil
  • Monitoring of irrigation infrastructure (solenoid valves, pump, water flow, electricity, etc.) with detailed reporting in case of the failure occurred
  • Irrigation history per scenario and/or area
  • Freeze alert
  • Garden party mode
  • Blocking of certain areas by excessive wind
  • Email reporting
  • Automated system draining after freeze alert

Cost Cuts

  • Significant saving of resources (water, electricity, human effort, etc.) can be achieved by delivery of right amount of water at the right time
  • Side effect - proper watering of your lawn or plants


  • 13 (RainJack STD) or 5 (RainJack MINI) outputs are provided by default to connect standard 24Vac solenoid valves
  • Extendable up to 26, 39, 52, etc. by using of extension module RainJack EXT connected to single RainJack STD and/or by networking of more RainJack STD/MINI into one network with one master user interface
  • Detecting of potential wiring failures such a short circuit and/or open circuit
  • Detachable screw terminals
  • Possibility to activate any amount of valves at the same time to shorten the overall irrigation time
  • The outputs can be configured to control the pump, master valve, public water valve, relays (garden lights), emergency switch off relay, etc.


  • 3 (RainJack STD) or 2 (RainJack MINI) digital inputs are provided by default to connect standard sensors with dry contact output (e.g. rain sensor, water level sensor, pump status detector, etc.)
  • Extension is possible via networking of more RainJack controllers or by adding the extra digital I/O board
  • Detachable screw terminals

Indicators and Buttons

  • 4 LEDs are provided at the front panel to indicate power supply connection (Power, green), operation state (Alive, green), manual mode (Manual, yellow) and error state (Error, red)
  • One button is provided at the front panel to open/close the irrigation valves manually and/or activate default networking configuration with DHCP activated


  • It is possible to access the RainJack via a local network and/or the internet using any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, etc). Installation of dedicated application is not needed at your computer, tablet or smart phone
  • No needs of public IP address
  • Ethernet (cable) and/or WiFi (wireless) network connection 
  • Multiple users can access the RainJack simultaneously

Mechanical Construction

  • DIN rail mount
  • Zincor sheet metal housing
  • Powder coated
  • RainJack STD: 203x95x34mm, excl. DIN rail mount kit
  • RainJack MINI: 158x95x34mm, excl. DIN rail mount kit
  • RainJack EXT: 122x95x34mm, excl. DIN rail mount kit
  • The equipment is primary dedicated for indoor operation (IP50). In case of outdoor installation an extra IP65 housing is needed

Power Supply

  • Standard 24Vac (20VA) transformer
  • When more than 4 parallel activation of solenoid valves is required the 30VA transformed can be provided
  • Power consumption: <5W (all outputs in off state)


  • Rain sensor
  • Pump status detector - It allows to detect the pump problems or unexpected water leaks
  • Water level sensor - It allows measuring of the water level in the well and postpone the irrigation in case of water insufficiency
  • Water flow/volume meter - It allows exact water consumption measuring and detection of pump problems or unexpected water leaks.


  • Reporting of system states, alerts and warnings via the emails
  • It is possible to configure one or more email address for reporting purposes


  • The system configuration and its parameters are saved at the local SD card
  • It is possible to backup and restore the system configuration to/from external media

...and more

Contact us for more details about configuration and features. We are ready to customize the system to meet your requirements.